Civil work equipment

Our equipment is designed for the production and transport of concrete where traditional media do not reach or where quantities and times have to adjust to customer needs and not vice versa.

With an experience of over 40 years, Partindus S.L. sells concrete mixers from 1 m3 to 5 m3, with high technological innovations allowing you to have a number of competitive advantages over other products on the market. Also, varieties of silos, dosing plant portable, autonomous teams or kneading, make up a unique market offer.

Thanks to our R + D + i, these machines are designed for perfect performance in diverse environments. Such as the Russian market with extreme weather conditions, by contrast, markets in African civil works we find temperatures above 50 ° C.

Therefore, all our development team works with global brands can thus offer our customers a machine made of the finest technological advances available to the market.