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19 May, 2017
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What characterizes a low profile equipment?

In the world of underground mining there are thousands of machinaries and each one carries out a mission inside or outside the mine. Today we are going to talk about low profile equipment since they have some very special characteristics within the mining equipment. These low-profile equipments are designed under the requirements of robustness, ease of handling and compliance, these requirements are essential for the correct operation of the equipment and its possible operation inside the mine.

1.Robust equipment

They are robust equipment because, given the harsh conditions, which have most of the galleries of the mines, they make it essential to design equipment with higher robustness characteristics to a similar equipment for a job outside the galleries of the Mines The equipment designed by Partindus SL, are made under these requirements, currently are being designed equipment with chassis tubular structure, which also offer us the necessary robustness to be able to elaborate the hard tasks that these equipments have in their daily activity, in Gives the flexibility necessary to avoid breakage in this, coming from these harsh conditions that faces daily, the cabin, not only is designed with tubular structure, but also has the Rops-Fobs certification (Structure ROLL OVER PROTECTION and structure FALLEN OBJETCS PROTECTION SYSTEM), is a certificate necessary to ensure that the operator of the equipment works in a safe carrier, running the lowest risk possible.
The robustness of the equipment, not only measured by the materials that make up the main structure of the equipment, we also value the robustness of a team by the mechanisms with which this account when saving an obstacle, ie for Partindus SL, It is just as important, when designing a team, the components that are used in their assembly, such as the engine, axles and hydraulic components.
"If, in an automotive machine with a driver, operator or other person on board, there is a risk of turning or overturning, the machine must be provided with an adequate protective structure, except if this increases the risk." (ROPS) "When an automotive machine with driver, operators or other persons on board exists a risk of falling objects or materials, the machinery must be designed and constructed in such a way as to take account of such risk and is provided for if the size permits. An adequate protection structure. "(FOPS).

According to RD 1644/2008, the Rops and Fops systems are mandatory in case of:

The robustness of the equipment, not only measured by the materials that make up the main structure of the equipment, we also value the robustness of a team by the mechanisms with which this account when saving an obstacle, ie for Partindus SL, It is just as important, when designing a team, the components that are used in its assembly, such as the engine, shafts and hydraulic components
1.1 Engine
The type of motor used in the manufacture of a low profile equipment for the work in an underground mine, we are marked by several factors: national regulations, required power and working height.
1.1.1 Mine and country normatives
The normative imposed by each country, including some of them, may be imposed by the mine's own rules. These will delimit us the type of components that will be used in the manufacture of each of the equipment, that is to say, that all the companies of underground mining equipment have to have several models of components, to be able to approach The different standards that we find in different markets around the world, for example, Partindus SL, has several models of motorization, which comply with the different regulations that we find throughout the world, for example, in Europe we find That at present the smoke emission regulation is Stage IV, in contrast, in South America, the current regulation is Stage III, or in other countries, in which the current legislation is Stage II.
1.1.2 Required power
The type of motorization to be used, is determined by the type of equipment that the customer needs. As you well know, the choice of the engine is essential to get the power necessary to enable it to perform its job without any problem. It is not good to have a fair power in the equipment, as this will mean possible power losses of this when the working conditions are very adverse, nor is it good to have a motor with a power much higher than necessary , Since this will mean a greater wear of the rest of the components of the machine without it will have a greater performance. Partindus S.L., currently has a wide range of Deutz engines, with power ranging from 75 hp to 175 hp, powers that perfectly meet the needs of your equipment.
1.1.3 Height.
As we have explained before, manufacturers of low-profile underground mining equipment must have different powers in the engines they use in their equipment, not only to be able to provide the necessary power for the correct operation of the equipment, but there are occasions That we have tasks to develop at certain heights, which, conventional motors, or rather standard motors offered by different suppliers, are not designed to develop tasks at heights above 2800m.n.
Therefore, manufacturers must expect that the types of motor used in their equipment are able to work at heights above 3,000m.n.m, without loss of power. Partindus S.L., manufactures equipment with Deutz motorization, which are perfectly adjustable for work at heights above 3.000m.n.m, without the equipment suffering power losses and with this it can carry out its work without any decrease in its performance.
1.2 Axles
The type of axes selected for the manufacture of a low profile equipment for underground mining is another of the factors essential to manufacture a rig with the necessary robustness for this hard work. The choice of one type of axle or another, will give us the opportunity to be able to offer a type of vehicle with more complete characteristics or another one with simpler applications, at the moment most of the manufacturers of equipment of low mining Profile are opting for the use of differential axles, although some brands opt for the use of wheel motors in their equipment. Nowadays, Partindus SL uses directional axles in all its rigid equipment, which allows us to offer 3 types of steering, steering on the front axle, double direction and direction crab, which in turn makes the equipment Of Partindus SL, have smaller turning radii than their competition, thus offering the possibility of reaching the work area of the equipment in shorter times and thus increasing production.
R.G Huron 4 Full

Turning radius of our Huron 4 FULL

Ver Huron 4 FULL
1.3 Hydraulic equipment
The type of hydraulic equipment to be chosen by a company when it comes to the manufacture of a team is determined by the performance and needs that each of the manufacturers has when it comes to making equipment, most of companies manufacturing equipment of low Profile for underground mining usually use hydraulic components of the first brands, such as Linde, Rexroth, Sauer Danfoss ...., on the other hand, there are other companies that prefer to use hydraulic components of cheaper brands, obtaining greater savings in production Of the equipment, and I get a lower price of this. Partindus S.L., uses as main hydraulic equipment in all its equipment, hydraulic components of the brand Linde, recognized worldwide for the quality of its products, adding to the equipment all the technological advances of the market and a high reliability of its equipment.

2. Ease of use

All the low profile equipment manufactured to develop their work in underground galleries, have to have some of the technological advances to date, taking into account, that many times these, involve a greater complexity in the management of the equipment, is by that Partindus SL, has all the technological advances to date, tried to make these do not involve a great complexity for the operator of the team, making familiarization with this occurs a short period of time.

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