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26 April, 2017
7 June, 2017
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Definition and elements of a Shocrete Machine

Inside the underground mines or galleries there are different types of machinery that are used inside the galleries to work. Among the various underground mining equipment we can highlight the Shotcrete Machine , are manufactured to help project concrete into the walls of the galleries so that there is no rockfall.
As a definition, we can say that the Shotcrete Machine , is a machine designed to be able to access to any point of the work. It is provided with a mechanical hydraulic drive arm, which projects the gunite, at high pressure at the desired point and on any type of surface. It has a concrete pump that is normally fed from a concrete mixer truck.

Fundamental elements of Shotcrete Machine

  • Schwing pump with block for quick change of ROCK valve.   
  • Manual shaker with safety valve on the grill.   
  • Vibrator in the hopper.   
  • Multi-articulated arm.   
  • Projector head with three movements   
  • Projector with hose for additive and air.   
  • Four hydraulic support legs.   
  • Electrical control panel.   
  • Oil tank with filters and radiator.  
  • Proportional remote control with 12 m cable   
  • Complete machine and painted in a single finishing color.  
  • Dual system: All arm and pump movements can be performed by both the electric motor and the diesel engine.

Spraying arm

Robotic arm with two hydraulic extensions, hydraulic cylinders protected inside the tubes for durability and easy maintenance. Rotating head in 270º by turning crown and hydraulic orbital motor. Equipped with an electric motor of 5.5 Kw for the drive of the hydraulic gear pump that supplies the necessary flow for its operation.

Concrete pump

Equipped with the SCHWING valve type ROCK of reduced wear and easy cleaning, with automatic adjustment of the cut ring, a prestressed rubber spring. Open hydraulic circuit with long-lasting piston pump. Large section valve block with minimal pressure losses ensuring high performance and low fuel consumption.
Preventive Measures for Shotcrete Machine
During the concrete pouring operations on the Gunitadora hopper with self loading concrete mixer, the movements of these vehicles must always be directed by Signposting. The signpost must be located in a perfectly visible place from the driving position and as far as possible from the range of the machine.

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