Metal Silos

Metal silos store and supply cement in places where the traditional supply is complicated, or installations that require mobility, thus shifting the work as being work provisional. Metal silos is a team of easy transportation and placement, thanks to the unique equipment that has, is equipped with hydraulic platforms that allow loading and unloading equipment in a truck without the need of a crane, and in turn install this on surfaces that are not perfectly flat. These characteristics presented the Eurosilo of ease of transportation and installation, and the wide variety of accessories that has, makes it the ideal equipment for those works in which large amount of movement required and not possible to make concrete floors flat .


The SILMATIC derived from the traditional monoblock silos, but differ from them in the three legs and the base for supporting automatic controls. Our range covers the basic needs of storage and supply of cement from 15 m3 up to 55 m3. If you are looking for a portable solution, our offer will be the EUROSILOS.