Spraycon 20.9

Shotcrete machine price | Spraycon 20.9

Spraycon 20.9 is the smallest member in the shotcrete family but its features make it as big as the other models: Articulated chassis made on tubular structure frame, specially designed for heavy-duty and composed of a front chassis with cabin, on which is mounted diesel engine and hydraulic system, a rear chassis and central joint. Pumping unit with a theoretical output of 20 m3/h and a 9 m reach boom with protected hydraulic cylinders inside the tubes, together with its small dimensions, give it a high efficiency and large efficacy in all its maintenance works.

We can offer another two versions of this unit: Spraycon 20.9 D with our unique Dual system and Spraycon 20.9 C with compressor onboard.os túneles).

  • Engine: DEUTZ TD2012 L04

  • Engine power: 138 Hp

  • Cabin: ROP - FOPS (Open)

  • Weight: 6.480 Kgs.

  • Measurements: 8.340mm x 1.750mm x 2.350mm.

  • Internal steering radius: 4.650mm

  • External steering radius: 6.850mm

  • Vertical slope: 9 mts

  • Horizontal scope: 9 mts

  • Output concrete pump: 20 m3/h

  • Shotcrete: Electric / Diesel

  • Movement: Diesel



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