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Shotcrete robot with a theoretical output of 20 m3/h and a 7m reach arm. Rigid chassis with tubular structure and oxy-fuel cutting, specially designed for underground works of great resistance and flexibility.

Diesel engine of 140 HP at 2400 rpm, water cooled. For working at heights of up to 5000 m. Equipped with catalytic converter.

It has a dual system as standard, which allows it to work in both diesel and electric power, and a reversible driving position to facilitate entry and exit from tunnels. Double articulated arm with telescopic section and forearm to facilitate concrete spraying work at the rear of trusses and beams. Equipped with cable remote control, radio control and local manual controls.
Characteristics sheet:
Motor power:106 kW (140 CV)
Cabin:ROP – FOPS (cerrada)
Weight:13.500 Kgs.
Dimensions:L 6.645 mm x Al 2.350 mm x A 2.000 mm
Internal turning radius:3.200mm
External turning radius:5.900mm
Rendimiento bomba de hormigón:20 m3 / Hora
Hurled:Eléctrico / Diesel
Maximum vertical reach:11.000 mm
Maximum horizontal reach:7.000 mm

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